How to bathe a dog easily?

How to bathe a dog easily?

When we adopt a dog, one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves is how to bathe it, there are dogs that really enjoy baths and other dogs that are afraid of water. Therefore, it is very important not to make bath time a trauma for the dog.

The frequency of the usual dog baths is once a month, but it will depend on the dog's lifestyle. To have it clearer, it is better that you consult the particular case of your pet with your veterinarian.

We will give you some tips for bathing your dog.

     1. Accustom the dog to the bathtub 

The best thing would you can do, before starting the baths is that accustom your dog to the place where they are going to take it. Therefore, if you are going to bathe him in your bathtub or in a large basin, you can place him in it empty and, once there, distract him with kind words, caresses and a reward.

Repeat this for several days before its first bath, the idea is your dog will associate that place with a positive experience.


  1. Prepare everything before bathing

To speed up the time of the bath and not keep the dog there for longer than necessary, it is advisable to leave everything ready before starting it, and before the dog enters the bathtub. Keep all the necessary items nearby, including the brush, shampoo, conditioner, and towel.


  1. Brush the dog's hair

It is important to clarify that before wetting your pet, their hair should be brushed to remove dead hairs, knots and the most superficial dirt. This will make bathing much easier.


  1. Start wetting it

Once in the water, you can start to wet it with your hands little by little, while you speak affectionately to it. Do it first from the neck down. When it is wet all over his body, wet his head. You can then grab the shower head and finish soaking it thoroughly before moving on to the shampoo.

Be careful not to stream the water directly into their eyes, ears, or snout. This, in addition to being dangerous, will scare your dog.


  1. Shampoo

The shampoo chosen for your dog's bath must be one specifically formulated for pets. Pour the shampoo into your hands and, from there; move on to rubbing your pet's body. Massage gently, but with intention. It would also be good if you use a brush like the one below and start massaging it, to make the bath more pleasant.

Pet Dog Shampoo Massager Brush

Repeat the shampoo twice and, if you use conditioner, apply it as well. In both cases, make sure that the soap does not get into your eyes, mouth, nose or ears.


  1. Dries well

Choose a soft towel for the task, as you will have to rub it well to remove as much moisture as possible. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that if it is a dog with folds in the skin, this is of greater importance, since the accumulation of moisture between these folds can favor the appearance of fungi and skin problems.


  1. Reward your pet

Don't forget to reward your pet at the end. Remember that we want your dog associate baths with something positive.

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