Why it's good for kids to have pets?

Why it's good for kids to have pets?

Having a pet is very important in the family environment, because it allows your children to develop more skills compared to children who grow up without pets, having a pet contributes to educational and social development, children learn to be responsible due to, they must care, love and be aware of the needs of their pets, they learn values ​​such as respect, increases self-esteem and greatly improves family integration.

It is important to give children responsibilities for their pets according to their age, younger children may have tasks such as making sure that the animals have clean water, feeding them at their hours, brushing and bathing them, and as they grow up increase their responsibilities for example take them for a walk.

Children who have grown up with pets generally learn more quickly values ​​such as compassion, respect, and empathy, this values are important for keeping healthy and positive social relationships, as well as feeling more joyful and overcoming fear and sadness more easily.

Β In i-pets community we love our pets and firmly believe that they improve our quality of life.

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