Basic pet care at home

Basic pet care at home

Pet Feeding

One of the basic cares for pets is to take maximum care of their diet. This is an essential point to ensure that your pet grows strong and healthy physically and mentally. For this reason, it's important to  have a feeding schedule and provide tour pets with a balanced diet every day that helps them with all his energy needs and provides them with all the nutrients.

Pet Hygiene

On the other hand, it's important take care the hygiene of our pets, and therefore to clean and brush them according to the type of animal in question and the time of year in which we are. At least pets should be washed once a month or when we see their hair dirty.

It is also very important to check your pet's teeth regularly and use a pet brush or special toys and foods to clean them. If your pet has bad breath or tartar problems, you should take it to the vet to treat it properly.

Visit to the vet

It's essential to go to the vet regularly at least once a year to check the health of your pet, as well as to go urgently when you notice something strange. Surely your dog or cat will end up hating those visits to the vet, but for us it's good and mandatory.

Parasites: Cats and dogs should be treated for internal parasites every 3 months, and especially when they are puppies. There are also external parasites, such as fleas and ticks that are eradicated using appropriate products. You should check it with the vet.

Vaccines: If your pet is not vaccinated, it cannot be in contact with other animals or outside during the first two months of life. The vaccination plan will vary based on race, immune status, and lifestyle.

Pet Exercise

For pets to be healthy and happy, it's essential they do exercise regular. The sport is essential if you want your pet feel good and healthy, if your pet is a feline it's also important to let him go out freely or provide it with games and active activities to exercise.

Pet Entertainment 

Finally, it's also essential to provide your pet with everything it needs to stay entertained and happy. Accessories such as toys and prizes will be a very good alternative for pets to entertain themselves when we are not at home.

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